About me

I started my journey as a web programmer around 2018 when I first discovered languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It took me a lot to start my career as a developer because I found so many other valuable things to do in my life. I wanted to be a traveler when I was a kid, started cooking in high school, played the guitar in a band, and worked as a book designer.

I have been mostly self-teaching myself, but it is time to move on. I'm currently seeking for Front-End engineer positions and excited to find out what the next chapter would look like.

As a developer, I translate the design components in my head into actual codes and build consistent systems for them, and optimize them. I care all types of users and devices they use, and strive to provide the right solution for everyone. Most importantly, I am always open to feedback from other developers because I truly believe that is the fastest way to learn and grow.


Entered the world


Seoul, Korea

Went to Jecheon Gandhi School

Mar.2007 - June.2011

Jecheon, Korea

Went to Konrad-Heresbach-Gymnasium

Aug.2011 - June.2012

Mettmann, Germany

Moved to US, graduated from Cardinal O'Hara High School

Aug.2012 - June.2014

Springfield, PA, USA

Finished the first year at UW, Seattle

June, 2015

Seattle, WA, USA

Served in the military

Oct.2015 - Oct.2017

Seoul, Korea

Graduated from UW


Seattle, WA, USA